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Learn to sew. Play with paint.
Make a wish. Make something.

The Wishcraft Workshop grows artists of character, confidence and curiosity in
art classes, craft workshops, camps, sewing lessons,
birthday parties and after-school programs.
Students learn art + craft technique, creative problem-solving
and other important life skills while applying math, science, technology and
engineering to the activities they enjoy, full STEAM ahead.
subscribe for news about camps, sewing lessons, craft workshops and more from the wishcraft workshop in chicagoThe Wishcraft Workshop’s Purpose

  • To provide a healthy, inclusive and non-judgmental space in which creative capacity is discovered and confidence is developed.
  • To enable ready-success with inventive and relevant projects that build skills and celebrate creativity, art and craft.
  • To model and encourage creative reuse, positive conflict-resolution and social responsibility to grow engaged citizens.
  • To provide a quality learning environment in which the application of math, science and engineering can create something functional and fun. Full STEAM ahead.

The workshop hours vary by program. Call ahead or check Facebook or Twitter for current info. Party planning is done by appointment.

art STEM STEAM creative after-school program in Chicago

Original artwork by John Barlow for The Wishcraft Workshop®, LLC