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“Just an FYI for mini fashionistas: The fashion programs have sold out the past few years. So enroll stat!” – Time Out Chicago Kids Camp Guide

“Soooooooo CUTE! Friendly staff and creative ideas in a space that makes your soul smile.” – Jamie,

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen [my child] enjoy an activity this much — he tends to focus on the negative and be so nervous about his various learning issues and social interactions that it’s hard for him to just relax and have fun. I wish I could bottle whatever you did with them because both of them came out of camp each day so excited about what they were doing.  All of us are looking forward to the next two weeks.” Miriam, parent email

“I really sweated whether or not to send my 9 yo daughter to a week long camp here..Park district (if you can get it) is cheaper. Way. As it turns out, the camp my daughter went to was the most worthwhile activity I’ve ever paid for her. Yes it costs, but it’s worth every penny. The activities fostered individual creativity while giving the kids some guidelines with which to work in and mentoring. The pacing was great and my child came home reporting an exciting and engaging list of activities. The camp made her existing interest in arts and sewing burn even brighter! Wishcraft struck a chord with my child and it has left a lasting impression and seeded what I suspect to be long term inspiration and creativity.” -Jill,

“We were delighted to send our son to Wishcraft and even more excited when he came home on the second day saying he wanted a sewing machine for his 7th birthday. He reports that he “loved the sewing, especially making fabric stick together, making a rocket pillow, and sewing a wallet.” He also enjoyed painting fabric. It is really important to us that he get the opportunity to do artistic projects and this was a terrific space to explore his abilities.” -Jennifer, parent email

“My 6-year-old daughter visited 3 summer camps this summer and Wishcraft was her absolute number 1 winner. When I asked her why she simply said “Because they did not cheat on me. They said I would have fun and I did.” Sometimes I had a problem picking her up – she just would not like to leave! Thanks to all Wishcraft team for the wonderful work!” -Ewa,

“My 5 year daughter wanted a birthday party and a birthday party she did get at Wishcraft!!! She and her friends began having fun from the moment they stepped into the warm and cozy Wishcraft environment. Candice and her staff were amazing! They are so energetic, creative and welcoming. They paid close attention to every detail to keep the festivities moving along by working in small groups (1 to 4 ratio) to have each guest make a beautiful handmade craft, orchestrating a group photo, serving cake and having a Freeze Dance contest. There was never a lull and the girls were thoroughly entertained: all 14 of them for 2 hours. Just a tremendously run party! My husband and I commented on how enjoyable it was to watch the kids have fun without being stressed about anything. I highly recommend this venue to any parent looking for creative, one of kind birthday party.” –Amy,

“DON’T SETTLE FOR ORDINARY AFTER SCHOOL CARE – when you could have FUN-ORDINARY! My daughter started her Wishcraft experience in kindergarten and we have not looked back. We were initially concerned about her transition from live-in nanny to out-of-the-home child care but Wishcraft exceeded our expectations. They are now an extended part of our family. My daughter loves the staff, fun, positive and healthy environment and daily activities. We simply couldn’t trust them more and will be a long-term Crafter School family. Candice and team’s willingness to work around our schedule and lifestyle (text updates, email etc.), half-day pick ups and non-school day camps really are the icing on the cake!!! THANK YOU WISHCRAFT!” -Michael,

“This is the perfect after-school program for my son. It is a family environment with older kids and younger kids playing and working together. There are different craft and activity materials put out daily, but after a long day at school, my son loves that he gets to pick what to do! He doesn’t have to draw inside the lines, so to speak, he can use his creativity and design and do whatever strikes his imagination. The teachers are also great–engaged in the kid’s activities, not just supervising at a distance. There is also a great backyard space, so there is still plenty of outside, active time. We are so happy to have found Wishcraft.” -Carmin,

“All of our three children attend Wishcraft’s after-school program, (Cr-)after School. I cannot speak highly enough of the program, but here’s my attempt to try… The fact that my kids groan when I arrive speaks volumes. The physical space is brightly-colored, thoughtfully organized, and flexibly arranged depending on the number of kids present and the activities in which they will be engaged. The time they spend there is just the right balance between staff-directed and kid-directed — and the end result is that my kids come home having acquired skills their mother doesn’t remotely have, like sewing and knitting REAL CLOTHES. Plus, their homework gets done, they get time to run around outside, read inside, and hang out with friends. The staff are WONDERFUL — caring, warm, nurturing, fun, and extremely responsive. Wishcraft provides my kids a home-away-from-home experience following their school day. I could not ask for more.” -Maria,

“The Wonderful ladies at Wishcraft have made our lives better! Not only is my daughter learning a valuable skill, but looks forward to going to her ‘special sewing class‘. She has also attended the camp and LOVED it! I can’t recommend it highly enough. Their creativity is not only genius but really, really, fun. My daughter is so proud of the things she makes there, it’s also great for her self esteem. 10 stars to Wishcraft!” –Patty,

“This is my daughter’s 3rd year at Wishcraft in crafter school and it’s been wonderful. My daughter always has exciting stories/news to tell me when she gets home. We love the creativity, activities, and the staff (kid-staff ratio).The kids learn about being “GREEN’, making the environment better, they learn to sew, paint, etc. Candice and her staff will help out families in need…My daughter came from another afterschool program but ever since she’s been at Wishcraft, she doesnt want to go anywhere else. I ask her every school year which afterschool program she wants to be in….with no hesitation “WISHCRAFT”. I shouldn’t even ask anymore because I already know the answer 🙂 ” –Dominga,

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