creative cash

No driving or parking. No lines or crowds. No rushing (we’ve given you a whole week but do it before you forget)! It’s the best non-doorbuster deal for kids in Chicago.
doorbuster deal for kids in Chicago
More than Black Friday or Cyber Monday– we’re offering a rainbow of days to get it done. You already have enough to do right now without having to wait for a one-day or one-weekend offer. Below find 6 ways to cash in on a full-spectrum of fun including summer camps, birthday parties, workshops, class and drop-in memberships, day camps…

Get 25% more fun! Spend $50 and get $12.50 extra
Get 30% more fun! Spend $100 and get $30 extra
Get 35% more fun! Spend $150 and get $52.50 extra
Get 40% more fun! Spend $200 and get $80 extra
Get 45% more fun! Spend $250 and get $112.50 extra
Get 50% more fun! Spend $300 and get $150 extra

Don’t bust the door. Heck, don’t even get out of your pajamas! Just click on the links above to purchase your bonus Creative Cash. We’ll follow up with you to confirm if you’d like a:

  •  digital gift certificate,
  •  a credit on your account or,
  •  a beautiful snail-mail certificate sent on a date of your choosing.

Credits and gift certificates do not expire and can be applied toward any service with the exception of Crafter-School memberships and tuition. Promotional value (the bonus part) expires one year from the purchase date. Our annual Creative Cash sale ends Sunday, November 26, 2017.

Make a wish. Learn a skill. Maybe get messy. And make something.