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what parents say

“Just an FYI for mini fashionistas: The fashion programs have sold out the past few years. So enroll stat!” – Time Out Chicago Kids Camp Guide

“I don’t think I’ve ever seen [my child] enjoy an activity this much — [my child] tends to focus on the negative and be so nervous about various learning issues and social interactions that it’s hard for him to just relax and have fun. I wish I could bottle whatever you did with them because both of them came out of camp each day so excited about what they were doing. All of us are looking forward to the next two weeks.” Miriam, parent email

“I really sweated whether or not to send my 9 yo daughter to a week long camp here. I mean, $350 per week? Park district (if you can get it) is cheaper. Way. As it turns out, the camp my daughter went to was the most worthwhile activity I’ve ever paid for her. Yes it costs, but it’s worth every penny. The activities fostered individual creativity while giving the kids some guidelines with which to work in and mentoring. The pacing was great and my child came home reporting an exciting and engaging list of activities. The camp made her existing interest in arts and sewing burn even brighter! Wishcraft struck a chord with my child and it has left a lasting impression and seeded what I suspect to be long term inspiration and creativity.” -Jill,

“My 6-year-old daughter visited 3 summer camps this summer and Wishcraft was her absolute number 1 winner. When I asked her why she simply said “Because they did not cheat on me. They said I would have fun and I did.” Sometimes I had a problem picking her up – she just would not like to leave! Thanks to all Wishcraft team for the wonderful work!” -Ewa,

art, design, fashion and sewing camps for creative chicago kids

Is your middle- or high-school student more think than tink? Learn more about our
Ink Well Think Tank Summer Seminar programs.

Stylish STEAM Summer Camp 2015 for
Creative Chicago KidsSTEM, STEAM and Fashion Summer camps in Chicago! Fashion, sewing, art, engineering, science + math!

June 8- June 12, 2015 9am-12pm $265/week
(after-care 12pm-6pm $145/week)

June 15- September 4, 2015 9am-3pm $375/week
(after-care 3pm-6pm $75/week)

[Read our recent camp blog posts here.] Click here for a printable PDF of the schedule.

deals coupons wishcraft chicagoWelcome to Spoolhouse Rock™ 2015! Like confidence-building bootcamp for blossoming fashion designers (and stylists, fashion journalists, pattern-makers, buyers, accountants, software engineers, artists, authors..) of all genders, campers:

  • design and construct clothing and accessories
  • learn machine*- and hand-sewing, embroidery, applique and other techniques
  • explore elements of personal style and individuality
  • experiment with fit, silhouette, flat-patterning and garment construction approaches
  • meet smart and funny industry Guest Experts from around the country
  • learn styling tips from the pros At Rock Candy Salon + Spa RC
  • examine consumer and media literacy and fashion-industry basics
  • participate in a weekly fashion show and photo shoot
  • qualify to earn Chicago City of Learning digital badges
  • bring their MP3 players and play DJ
  • delve deep into the weekly topics to inspire their ideas and sharpen their skills

*Younger campers learn adult-assisted machine-sewing so the little kids also get to make machine-sewn quality garments.

learn to sew with a sewing machine at summer camp at Wishcraft Workshop in Chicago

Campers can design for themselves or a friend (or even a doll for the younger campers! it’s all based on measurements and math.) No previous sewing experience is required and those with experience take on new challenges.

Each Project Wishcraft Camp is open to students Grades K-8. Students are grouped with their peers into one of the following groups led by a dedicated Creative Counselor:

The Starry Stitchers (approximate ages 5-6 years)

The Pedal Pushers (approximate ages 7-8 years)

The Seamster Squad (approximate ages 9-10 years)

The Stellar Sewphisticates (approximate ages 11-13 years)

Groups travel separately through a variety of creative lessons and experiences. Small groups get to know one another. We get to know your camper and their needs and interests. Students get to know their Counselor while enjoying the expertise (and personalities!) of all our amazing instructors and guest speakers. All campers enjoy the stylish fun with their peers while having access to the entire facility. Our weekly camp curriculum takes full advantage of our big, beautiful space, additional technology, materials and high-end sewing equipment and proximity to parks and outdoor spaces.

11054831_10153142690259709_3566076709589678814_nWishcraft Workshop campers learn about their world, their style and their own creative voice. Each week-long camp uses an integrated learning approach to keep academic topics like math, history, literacy and science fresh and fun (and sometimes disguised!) alongside hands-on, open-ended and age-appropriate creative experiences that kids love. Activities take place at our workshop in Chicago’s Northcenter including two floors of fun. Small camp groups ensure lots of learning and attention in a comfortable environment great for the most gregarious or shy camper. The workshop is both planet-friendly and allergy-conscious and natural and nut-free (and/or gluten-free upon request) snacks are availabstudying silhouette at Project Wishcraft fashion camp in Chicagole. Weather permitting, local parks and outdoor spaces are used for lunch and other weatherproof activities.

Camp policies can be found at left– please read them before registering. Register online. Pre-registration is required for Summer Camp as camps tend to fill.

Read on for details of each week..

After-Camp 2015

*Summer Crafternoons™ 330pm-6pm drop-in and drop-off for Grades K-3 (begins at 3pm for campers)
*Pincushion Social Club™ 330pm-6pm drop-in and drop-off for Grades 3-8 (begins at 3pm for campers)
June 15- September 4, 2015

$75/week for enrolled campers (*programming and afternoon-snack begins at 3pm for campers) or $95 for a 5-visit membership.

2015 Summer Camps

Project Wishcraft- Sew Long School™ (June 8-12)   Let’s kick it off right with accessories to be used all summer long. A week of machine- and hand-sewing is mixed with art+craft techniques. This is the only half-day camp of the summer to invite campers with earlier dismissal dates to get the summer fun started straight away.

"Not About Nightingales" by Tennessee Williams at Roosevelt University Theatre Conservatory; Costumes by Emily McConnell
“Not About Nightingales” by Tennessee Williams at Roosevelt University Theatre Conservatory; Costumes by Emily McConnell

Project Wishcraft- The Editor (June 15-19, July 20-24)  Who knows more about fashion than the magazine editors? Campers become experts by taking a closer look at costume history, how historical events have shaped what we wear and how fashion history continues to influence the designs of today. Campers will design and construct a garment and be able to articulate the historical influence. Campers will meet and interact with talented costume designer Emily McConnell (current productions include “Side Man” at American Blues Theatre and “To Kill a Mockingbird” at Oak Park Festival Theatre.) Includes a vintage prop photo shoot.

Stella McCaffrey of Stella M'Lia at Wishcraft Workshop
Stella McCaffrey

Stella M'Lia at Wishcraft WorkshopProject Wishcraft- The Haberdasher (August 17-21)   Detail, detail, detail! Campers learn about couture fit, features and finishing while designing and sewing a constructed shirt and accessories. Campers modify a pattern for their own measurements for a fit that is their own. Includes a portrait sitting photo shoot, Q&A with Stella McCaffrey of the adorable and genius Stella M’Lia dress line and a pretty darn special dressy surprise (details to be announced!)

Ana Davis, Ana Davis Design at The Wishcraft Workshop
Ana Davis

Project Wishcraft- The Maker (July 6-10, July 27-31)   Design requires a lot of creativity and  a lot of technical anadavisdesigns.comexpertise. This camp goes into the technical side of the design process including textile selection and flat pattern-making. Campers design and print or paint fabric and construct a garment from scratch using their own measurements and all the tools of the trade. Campers will meet and learn from well-known surface designer Ana Davis (painter, illustrator and creative director of Ana Davis Design.) Includes a hand-painted fashion portrait on canvas.

Mandy Moise vfish guest speaker at Project Wishcraft summer fashion camp
Mandy Moise and the little Moises, vfish Designs

Project Wishcraft- The Merchandiser (August 24-28)  How does a garment go from idea to your closet? Campers will learn about the entire fashion life-cycle and the industry while learning how to Crush Logo Headermake a pattern from and reproduce a version of one of their favorite pieces of clothing. Includes an editorial-style photo shoot and features vfish-logoguest speaker Mandy Moise, fashion designer and style maven (and mama!) of vfish Designs. Also includes a field-trip to CRUSH on Roscoe for an in-store hands-on fashion styling challenge (Starry Stitchers and Pedal Pushers on one day and Seamster Squad and Stellar Sewphisticates on another.)

Project Wishcraft- The Recyclista (August 3-7)   Do over! By going back to our (tree) roots as planet-loving fashionistas, campers learn about garment construction via deconstruction and reconstruction. Students study their previously-loved garments and accessories, give them a new story to tell and learn to love the Earth stylishly. Includes a photo shoot with a DIY backdrop.

Julia Corey Barlow

Project Wishcraft- The Rocker (June 22-26)   Stretchy and shiny? Edgy or colorful? Campers explore their rock star persona and design and construct a head-to-toe look that is both stage-, camera- Wishcraft Workshop rock and roll photo shoot at Martyrs in Chicagoand campus-ready.  Includes a lip-synch video montage, photo shoot on the lit stage at Martyrs and features guest speaker Julia Corey Barlow, artist, rock and smarts powerhouse and the muscle behind bucktown musicthe drums of various Chicago bands and a voice workshop with Jessica Solares of Bucktown Music.

fashion merchandising at CRUSH with Wishcraft Workshop summer campProject Wishcraft- The Stylist (July 13-17, August 10-14)  Clothes are just clothes without the unique person that makes them their own. Campers explore developing a signature personal style, getting the most out of what’s in their closets (or the floor) and pulling it all together with accessories and grooming. Campers design andCrush Logo Header construct a garment that celebrates their personal style. Includes a field-trip to CRUSH on Roscoe for an in-store hands-on fashion styling challenge (Starry Stitchers and Pedal Pushers on one day and Seamster Squad and Stellar Sewphisticates on another), a meet and mimi g style at wishcraft workshop summer campsgreet with the incredible style-blogger Mimi G  and a photo-booth-style photo shoot.

learn to sew at summer camp at the Wishcraft Workshop in Chicago

Project Wishcraft- Sew Long Summer (August 31-September 4)   What better way to welcome a new school year than with a shirt ready for picture-day and accessories made by hand. A week of machine- and hand-sewing is mixed with art+craft techniques.

 sumemr 2015 partners

Spring Break Funordinary Creative Art Camp

April 3, April 6-10, April 16

The only thing predictable in this art camp is the fun. Each camp offers a new theme, new skills and new friends. The day’s activities are planned just before the camp date to consider the ages and interests of our enrolled campers. Each day includes multiple art+craft projects, mid-morning snack, outdoor play/hang-out time (weather permitting) and games. All materials are included unless otherwise specified. Grades K-5 suggested. Talk to us about your child.

Register for camp here.

9am-3pm $75/participant ($55 for Crafter-School Students) After-Care 3pm-6pm $25. 9am-3pm camp registration is required for After-Care enrollment.

Spring Break Pincushion Social Club Camp

April 3, April 6-10, April 16

Needles and thread (including the sewing machine) making art, accessories and who knows what else! Each camp offers new projects and new friends. Some days include multiple smaller projects while others include a full-day project. All camps include mid-morning snack, outdoor play/hang-out time (weather permitting) and games. All materials are included unless otherwise specified. No experience required. Grades 4-8 suggested (talk to us about your child.) Bring an ipod and get ready to rock ‘n sew.

Register for camp here.

9am-3pm $85/participant ($65 for Crafter-School Students) After-Care 3pm-6pm $25. 9am-3pm camp registration is required for After-Care enrollment.

Did we miss a day? We might be able to schedule something for your school and your friends. Just ask!


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