sewing lessons and drop-in art classes for Chicago kids

You’ve found the right spot for our sewing lessons and art classes for kids and families, joyfully weaving academic subjects into creative exploration and play, every day.

5-Visit No Plan, No Problem Drop-In Pass
This pass can be used to drop-in for single visits in art classes and lessons including:  School-Year* Crafternoons (Monday-Thursday 4pm-6pm), any of the 430pm-545pm weekday classes offered as individual workshops (see below), Pincushion Social Club (Fridays 430pm-545pm) and Weekend Crafternoons (Saturdays 430pm-6pm). *Crafternoons are also offered throughout the summer season, 330pm-6pm.

spring 2017 chicago art class and sewing class scheduleSpring 2017 classes begin May 1, 2017. Click here for a printable PDF   of the schedule.  [These same funordinary art classes are part of our Crafter-School after-school program. Want to learn more?]

Click on a class name to register for a children’s or family activity, or use our calendar to view the complete schedule of activities at the workshop.

Gotta Craft ‘Em All  Mondays 430pm-545pm (or choose a date from the calendar to register for individual days).  Hand-sewn toys inspired by the popular Japanese creature card game. 6-week course or individual workshops. Ages 5-8.

World Piece  Tuesdays 430pm-545pm (or choose a date from the calendar to register for individual days)Story-telling artists make mind-bending books. 6-week course or individual workshops. Ages 5-12.

AltMath AltArt  Wednesdays 430pm-545pm (or choose a date from the calendar to register for individual days)Apply math in art using various techiques and mediums. 6-week course or individual workshops. Ages 5-8.

Just Sewing In The Rain  Thursdays 430pm-545pm   Pattern + machine-sew a rain poncho with designer details. 6-week course. Ages 7-12. Open to all experience levels; no experience required.

Pincushion Social Club Fridays 430pm-545pm (choose a date from the calendar to register)   Open-studio for machine- and hand-sewing. Make a small project in one day or something larger with multiple class meetings. Ages 8-12. Open to all experience levels; no experience required.

School-Year Crafternoons Monday-Thursday 4pm-6pm (choose a date from the calendar to register)  Drop-off, open-ended art, craft, making and building for kids ages 5-12.

Weekend Crafternoons Saturdays 430pm-6pm (choose a date from the calendar to register)  Open-ended art + play for families. Adults + kids ages 2-12. Each child registers separately– adults may choose to register more than one child. Children ages 2-5 must be accompanied by a parent/caregiver. Children 5+ years may be dropped off.

Classes are offered as 6-week courses with most courses open to single-meeting registration (register for one or more single class meetings). Registering by the course is encouraged if you’re really excited as learning can be amplified with larger projects and your per-class price will be lower. Our policies can be found on this page– please read them before registering. We keep it small on purpose and we think you’ll be glad we did. Class prices vary (click a class name for price and details.)

  • Register for a course– After creating an account, select a course name. Use the “register for group” option.
  • Register for a single-meeting class—  After creating an account, choose that activity from the class meeting date on the calendar. Use the “register for session” option for a single class meeting.
  • Drop-in to Crafternoons or Pincushion Social Club–  After creating an account, choose a single date from the calendar (or use a No Plan, No Problem.)

 Most of our classes include a STEAM component (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math, and it starts with the art™). Students may qualify for Chicago City of Learning digital badges.

Click on a date using the calendar below to find offerings by date. Click on an offering to register.

Brownie and Girl Scout Troop Badge Central

innovative art and sewing classes for girl scouts that that build skills and celebrate creativity while applying math, science and art.

Brownies and Girl Scouts looking for an outing or an opportunity to learn and earn (a new badge, that is)? Contact the workshop to plan your troop’s creative adventure.

Private and Small-Group Lessons

Do you know someone with a sewing machine that doesn’t know how to use it? Just need a 30-minute refresher on how to cast-on? Or someone who would love to start and complete a project with a little help and support?  Our sewing lessons include an overview of the basics taught within the context of a project. Prices start at $35.