Joyfully weaving academic subjects into creative exploration and play, every day.

proud chicago kidsThe Wishcraft Workshop is a funordinary studio in Chicago in which students and their families grow confident in their creative freedom in art courses, sewing lessons, day camps, craft workshops, tutoring, after-school programs and birthday parties. Yes, wnorthcenter chambere teach the arts. More importantly, we ignite creative capability. Developed in reaction to traditional arts programming, The Wishcraft Workshop’s inventive projects are designed for ready-success; technique and skills are taught within the context of relevant projects with a no-judgment philosophy. The workshop provides a quality learning experience, showing that the application of math, science and creative problem solving can create something functional and fun.
media logosCreative reuse is encouraged whenever possible and many of the class and party projects use recycled, natural, found and allergen-free materials. (Did we already tell you that it’s fun?)

DIY skills are developed and resourcefulness is celebrated.

The Wishcraft Workshop’s Purpose

  • To provide a healthy, inclusive and non-judgmental space in which creative capacity is discovered and confidence is developed.
  • To enable ready-success with inventive and relevant projects that build skills and celebrate creativity, art and craft.
  • To model and encourage creative reuse, positive conflict-resolution and social responsibility to grow engaged citizens.
  • To provide a quality learning environment in which the exploration of academic subjects can create something beautiful, functional and fun.

The workshop hours vary by program. Call ahead or check Facebook or Twitter for current info. Party planning is done by appointment.

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