Learn to sew. Play with paint.
Build a thing.

The Wishcraft Workshop grows artists and thinkers of character, confidence and curiosity with adventurous creative experiences including summer camps, after-school programs, art classes (and crafting-building-making classes!), sewing lessons, academic coaching/tutoring, birthday parties. We operate with a culture of non-judgment and believe in the capabilities of all students, however wonderfully different we all are. Our focus on self-awareness builds confidence and respect, develops self-regulation and self-advocacy and strengthens conflict-resolution and communication skills. Students learn technique and about the arts while practicing problem-solving, critical-thinking and other important life skills, applying literacy, math, science, technology and engineering to the creative activities they enjoy, full STEAM ahead. If you can’t make it to Chicago, visit  The Yellow Canoe and we’ll come to you.

Make a wish. Make something.

The Wishcraft Workshop in Chicago by Eliza Rosen Illustration

The workshop hours vary by program. Call ahead or check Facebook or Twitter for current info.
Party planning is done by appointment. Drop us a note or call 773.348.WISH.

growing artists.
growing thinkers.
growing citizens.
growing innovators.

unteaching creative inhibition in summer camp, art classes, birthday parties and after-school programs

art, sewing and STEM fun and learning at wishcraft workshop in chicago grow artists c