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We do camp awesome.

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Make art, sew, design, build, learn + play with us.

DipticWe grow artists— creatively confident kids who approach obstacles with curiosity, unafraid to explore and even fail along the way to a solution. Creatively confident people grow up to solve problems big and small, globally and locally.

STEMs need flowers.
Campers learn about their world and creative voice with open-ended learning experiences in the arts that include subjects like science, social studies and math. All campers are eligible to earn Chicago City of Learning STEAM-focused digital badges representing their effort and accomplishment.

Purposely small.
Quality over quantity. Process over product. We’re big on mission and intentionally small. Campers get to June 27know one another and our entire team: we get to know your camper, their needs and interests. We make ample space for decision-making, leadership and self-advocacy skills to bloom while investing in purposeful relationships with each child, creating a comfortable learning environment for the most gregarious or shy camper. There’s no way to get lost in the crowd in our camp.

Do camp awesome.
No stickers or pre-fab here. We take full advantage of our big, beautiful space, technology, quality materials and proximity to outdoor spaces and local businesses to stretch our minds and bodies.  All campers are welcome to bring their music players and play DJ.

Make A Day Of It Camp

The only thing predictable in this art camp is the fun. Each camp offers a new theme, new skills and new friends. The day’s activities are planned to consider the enrolled campers who are then grouped by age-range and interests on the day of camp. Each day includes multiple art/craft/(machine- and hand-)sewing/building projects, mid-morning snack (provided, nut and/or gluten-free available) and fun+games. Some days include multiple smaller projects while others include a full-day project. Ages 5-12 suggested (talk to us about your child. *We often offer a Leadership Camp for Grades 7-10).

9:00am-3:00pm (drop-off begins at 8:00am) $85/participant. After-Care 3pm-6pm $25. Day camp registration is required for After-Care enrollment. Enroll for After-Care by choosing a Crafternoon from the calendar on your camp’s date.

Click here to get a 4-Day Camp Pack and save 10% on the single-day rate.

Make A Day Of It Camp

Make A Day Of It Camp

[Crafter-School Members*

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*camp discount for Crafter-School members may not be combined with other promotions or discounts

  • Drop-off for Make A Day Of It camp begins at 8:00am.
  • Campers are welcome to arrive anytime. We always have a full-day of open-ended, creative hoopla planned with projects that begin by 9:30am.
  • Mid-morning (and mid-afternoon for those campers enrolled in the after-camp programs) wholesome snack is served. The workshop is planet-friendly and allergy-conscious: nut-free and/or gluten-free snacks are available.
  • Campers bring their own lunch. We break for lunch mid-day and campers are encouraged to pack lunches in reusable containers.
  • Campers who attend through 3:00pm have the best opportunity to complete all we have planned for them (and learn about things like wavelength and stitch-length, capability and miscibility, automation and celebration, parallelism and pointillism, citizenship and artisanship… we can keep going if you want..)
  • Register here or by clicking on any camp date. If this is your first booking with us, our system will take you through the steps of creating an account to make future registration simpler. You only need to add this info once and our system provides the features to maintain account details, access receipts and more.
Did we miss a day? We might be able to schedule something for your school and your friends. Just ask!

Read about Summer Camp here.

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Most people hear about us from their friends and that may be why we’re lucky enough you’re here now. Just in case, following are some of the reasons we see campers year after year:

  • We make camp convenient for you while facilitating immersive experiences that make campers jump out of bed each day.
  • We differentiate with innovative activities to encourage creative campers of every age + gender to stretch.
  • We believe in campers’ abilities to make decisions, self-advocate and lead and invest in purposeful relationships with each and every child. Healthy social-emotional skills are modeled and our team provides the safety net even the most independent trapeze artist might sometimes need or want.
  • We incorporate time outdoors in a way that captivates even the “do-we-have-to?” camper. If the weather and the activity agrees, we use the outdoor classroom.
  • We celebrate our vibrant neighborhood of independent businesses and our network of experts to amplify learning, thinking and smiling.