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summer camp for little kids is crazy fun

Summer camp for little kids ages 5-8 to make art, explore big ideas + play with various techniques + mediums.


Quality over quantity. Process over product. No stickers or pre-fab here. We’re big on mission and intentionally small. Campers get to know one another and our entire team: we get to know your camper, their needs and interests. We make ample space for decision-making, leadership and self-advocacy skills to bloom while investing in purposeful relationships with each child, creating a comfortable learning environment for the most gregarious or shy camper. There’s no way to get lost in the crowd at Wishcraft Workshop. We take full advantage of our big, beautiful space, quality materials and proximity to outdoor spaces to stretch our minds and bodies. We grow artists— creatively confident kids who approach obstacles with curiosity, unafraid to explore and even fail along the way to a solution. 

See the 2018 camp season schedule and membership options here.

Making books. Making art with old books. Making other stuff with pages from books. Books are good. Kids with books… even better. This camp is appropriate for all levels of reading and writing skill as ideas will be expressed using a multitude of techniques. Bring on those little imaginations!register for wishcraft workshop summer camps
Fly Bobbin Fly
Travel the globe one stitch, one dab, one pluck at a time with an itinerary that includes stops on multiple continents. Campers in this terrific taxi of a week are going to need a bigger suitcase: we’ll provide their passport to awesome.register for wishcraft workshop summer camps
Superfly 6-Ply
Floss daily, right? In this hand-sewing and embroidery camp we learn lots of stitches (grandma’s classics and newer techniques) while designing/making/adorning art, softies and toys and exploring the technical side of things (like how many threads make up 6-ply floss)!register for wishcraft workshop summer camps
Greenie Pants
Campers get wild about their inner-naturalist as we travel around the planet with our green-colored glasses. Campers become eco-heroes as they work together to learn about the geometry of nature, the chemistry of flowers and explore a variety of art and craft techniques that celebrate the planet.register for wishcraft workshop summer camps
Global-citizenship starts in our own urban backyard. Campers unite to make harmonious art while exploring how they can impact their family, community and world for good.register for wishcraft workshop summer camps
Hopscotch Hullabaloo
We spend the week making the ultimate recipe for fun. Road-trip games, outdoor games, table games, pocket-sized games– we’re breaking them down and building them up. Design-thinking, fun-strategy, high-jumping, dice-rolling, mess-making, belly-laughing, rule-making-silliness all rolled into one week.register for wishcraft workshop summer camps
Tinkering. Thinking. Breaking and making. Campers toy around with creativity, innovation and problem-solving while designing/building/testing small machines and who knows what else!register for wishcraft workshop summer camps
Brush Crush
Explore fine-art with classical techniques while we color in our own ideas. We paint, draw, blend, smudge, mix and create our own crush on art. Messy hands, happy hands.register for wishcraft workshop summer camps
Mixie Dust
The chemistry of art, the art of chemistry and the magic of bringing the two together. Melting, mixing, blowing, exploding– this week’s campers get logical, experimental and artistical* as they mix up take-home treasures. No magic wand required. *We made up this word.register for wishcraft workshop summer camps
Hello School
Creative kids looking for a final summer adventure (and to warm up those thinking caps) prepare for the new school-year with fun and educational art and craft activities.register for wishcraft workshop summer camps